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Want to qualify for exclusive access to the premier human performance program in the world…

...that elite level athletes from the NHL, NFL, UFC and the Olympics use to consistently out-think, out-hustle and completely dominate their competition?

The Neuro Performance Academy wants to help YOU get the same record-breaking results… no matter what field you work in

... by helping you awaken the dormant areas of your brain through the power of neuroplasticity.


Your brain isn’t average. Your brain is exceptional.  

In fact, every brain is radically different with over 100 billion neurological connections, each containing a unique and complex maze of information super highways, streets and back alley ways that run every aspect of your life.

Your memory, your personality, even the way you are currently absorbing and categorizing the information on this page are all a product of how your brain is currently mapped.

When it comes to taking your performance to the next level, you need to know which hard-wired routes are functioning smoothly...

...and which neural pathways are obstructed, before you even attempt to boost your brain function.

Simply put, if you’re serious about achieving breakthrough results in your business and life, you need to accurately measure your baseline brain performance first….

… and gain a deep understanding of what is going on in your brain through the lens of a highly trained professional.

FACT: Your brain hates change!

This bias towards “keeping things the same” is incredibly hard to overcome.

This raises an important question:

What Is Your Brain Truly Designed For?

The human brain is capable of a great many feats, but for tens of thousands of years, it has been fundamentally designed for one purpose: to keep you alive!

The brain does an amazing job at this by constantly and unconsciously focusing on 2 things at all times:

  1. Avoiding threats: it is constantly on the lookout for anything that may injure or kill you

  2. Conserving energy and burning as few calories as possible. It does this by recognizing patterns in our environment…. Both internal and external…

In other words, your brain is primarily designed to keep you safe... and keep life as ordinary and predictable as can be expected.

This saves energy… in the more than likely event you aren’t able to find food for an extended period of time.

It’s called homeostasis and back in our cave dwelling days it was all about survival.

Yet, as you might already know, playing it too safe in business and life can lead to less than stellar performances when it really counts.

In today’s hyper competitive and ever-changing environment we need to do much more than merely survive. We need a performance edge that allows us to thrive.  

To illustrate this concept let’s look at a brief story:

Two Rock Climbers, One Wall

Imagine two rock climbers with equal levels of fitness faced with a sheer rock face at high altitude.

One is a seasoned climber and the other is a newbie with a fear of heights.

What would you notice in how they tackle the challenge in front of them?

Well, you might see the veteran boldly reaching for high handholds, leaping and grabbing on with little hesitation, and pulling himself up the rock face with confidence.

Meanwhile the rookie climber is more likely to be hesitant, scaling the rock face in small six-inch increments, and constantly peeking at the ground below.

In both cases, their progress depends largely on their response to the heights.

One reacts with boldness while the other responds with timidity.

While this situation may seem extreme, the stakes are just as high in the boardroom, during an Olympic sporting event, or during a high level negotiation…

….where how well you assess risk and how quickly and effectively you respond determines whether you win or lose.

This leads us to a pressing question: 

How Can YOU Efficiently & Easily Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Potential & Consistently Perform At Your Highest Potential?

To respond to this challenge you need to accept one basic premise:

“What you DON’T know is hurting you”

It may seem counter-intuitive, but both data and experience have proven it time and time again:

The second you STOP looking for quick fixes- like nootropics, and other psychopharmacology interventions- and take the time to understand the way your unique brain really works... the moment when you position yourself to pull away from your competition.

Ask any high performance athlete, and they’ll tell you the difference

… between winning gold or silver

…. between playing in the major leagues and getting stuck in the minors

...between lifting the Stanley Cup or skating off the ice in defeat

...all comes down to millimeters and nanoseconds.

The good news is that you can start winning today and set yourself apart from the crowd with 3 steps...


If you struggle with demanding mental tasks and want to optimize your response time... then you need to know your brain baseline first.


Next, if you want to improve the speed you process information and the speed and power at which you perform in the world…

...then you need to create a more accurate neurological map of the world around you AND the world within you.


If you want to create exceptional outcomes in your life… then you need to strengthen or even rewire the neural pathways that will make this success virtually automatic.

Now that you have insight into what your brain needs to break through the stagnation and plateaus that have been holding you back...’s still not enough.

To optimize your brain function and health, and unlock your true potential, you need to get exclusive in person access to battle-tested neuroscience clinicians and therapists…

World class experts who know exactly how to accurately assess YOUR brain’s unique needs, and design and implement an individualized performance plan...

...customized to help you use your brain to create exceptional results in your business and life.

That’s why we created…


Get The Same “Unfair” Advantage Superstars From The NHL, NFL, UFC & The Olympics Use To Achieve Breakthrough Performances On Autopilot


Normally reserved for award-winning elite athletes, this custom tailored brain-based bootcamp will help you access previously untapped reserves of neurological potential…

…and free you to accomplish breakthrough results in every domain of your life, quickly and easily.

Once you enter the doors of the Neuro Performance Academy, you’ll discover...

  • The #1 myth about how to consistently perform at peak levels and how you can do the opposite to permanently hardwire your brain for success...

  • State of the art technology that measures and trains you to respond to mental stimuli with sharpness and accuracy, so you can make smarter decisions on your feet...

  • The receptor based therapies our functional neurologists use to help you improve balance, movement and focus…you’ll be amazed how quickly you can make new neural connections that boost your mental resilience and endurance.

  • The “wire together, fire together” brain intervention that encodes and automates breakthrough responses to stressful mental stimuli...  so you can conquer any challenge you encounter at work, at home and on the field

  • How to transform your brain’s current map (which may only have 5-10% of the “streets” you need to get to your mental destinations) into a multi lane superhighway...

  • Why how fast you are is less important than how fast you are AND how easily you can make split second decisions in real time (and how you can do the same)

…and much, much more!

Why The Neuro Performance Academy Can Help YOU Access Your Highest Performance Potential


Once you understand how your brain operates, it’s going to be that much easier to improve it....

...the regimen we coach you through will enable to you to experience immediately noticeable results (in 5 days or less)

As you employ the exercises we teach you at the Neuroperformance Academy, and find second and third gears you didn’t know you had...

….you’ll watch in amazement as you rapidly reach new insights and make a bigger impact on your business and in the lives of those who matter most to you.

You’ll be beaming with pride, confident that you’re making a significant difference in the world…

...and become the most productive, energetic and effective version of yourself you’ve ever been.

Yes, all of  these good things can be yours, starting today


The choice is yours, and it’s clear:

Why You Need To Take Action Today

Reason 1:

Your job or business may be on the line if you keep dropping the ball in critical moments where mental agility matters.

Reason 2:

You may be feeling stuck and that you’ve plateaued in your business and life. You need to know how to turn the ship around, fast.

Reason 3:

You know quick fixes won’t work… you want to boost your ability to think quickly on your feet and make sharp decisions over the long term

...and you want to walk away with a set of skills that will help you scale your results once you step back into battle

The good news? The brain-based technology employed at the Neuro Performance Academy works no matter what field you are in...

… even if you feel you’ve reached your maximum potential and impact

...and especially if the thought of “looking inside” the human “machine” of your mind intrigues you.

The reason why? This training experience at the Neuro Performance Academy is unlike any other you’ve had (or ever will).

And…it just flat. out. works.

Functional Neurology and the Neuro Performance Academy have had a profound impact on my life both physically and mentally. My memory is sharper than ever, I am in the best shape of my life at 43 years old and I’m doing more than I ever have with my businesses. After going through Neuro Performance Academy I had a profound increase in my energy throughout the day and have been noticeably stronger in the gym. I was impressed with the knowledge and attention to detail working with the doctors and seeing and feeling the difference before and after the program.
— Kevin D. Executive and Athlete
EVERYTHING about me changed off the back of my discovery and use of functional neurology. None of this would be possible without having the tools and methods that I now have to bypass all of the ‘downstream’ symptoms I was experiencing....and swim all the way ‘upstream’ to the root of it all: My brain. My crazy beautiful neuroplastic brain :)
— Leanne E. Entrepreneur and Fitness Expert
Functional neurology is truly the foundation of having a base of optimal health and unlimited performance potential. I’ve noticed a major difference in my ability to focus, memorize and endure long work days than ever before.
— David W. Entrepreneur

Here’s What You Get At Neuro Performance Academy


This highly customized program starts with a 5 day onsite intensive at the Neuro Performance Academy headquarters in Florida.

As soon as you meet (and likely exceed) our rigorous application criteria, you’ll enjoy white glove treatment from our hand picked concierge.

We take care of everything (and we mean everything) from transportation to accommodation to meals, you name it.

Why do we pay so much attention to these small details? It all comes down to focus.

Once you hit the Neuro Performance Lab on Day 1 we want you to be 100% laser-focused on the unique challenge ahead of you.

Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll experience once you walk through the doors.

Day 1: Assessment and baseline analysis.

This is to discover where your mental performance baseline is currently set, so we can set an expectation of where we can create the biggest impact.

The doctors will explain to you in detail what they discover about how your brain is working.

Then they will outline the customized protocol that they will use to “rewire” your unique brain for peak performance.  

Day 2: Three Customized neural training sessions using the state of the art equipment.

In this state-of-the-art training we introduce three powerful therapies that will also be part of your daily regimen for the next 4 days:

  • Video Oculography & Laser Saccadometry therapy
  • Posturopgraphy & Receptor based therapy
  • Electrical Nerve Stimulation & neuropathy

The session will wrap up with custom-tailored functional neurology exercises that you can continue to practice outside the clinic.

Day 3: Reassessment. We measure your progress and adjust the plan accordingly. From there we continue to help you rewire your brain and optimize your brain performance

This session also includes:

  • Video Oculography & Laser Saccadometry therapy
  • Posturopgraphy & Receptor based therapy
  • Electrical Nerve Stimulation & neuropathy

Day 4: We add Electrical Nerve Stimulation & Neurotherapy to your training regimen.

This session also includes:

  • Video Oculography & Laser Saccadometry therapy
  • Posturopgraphy & Receptor based therapy
  • Electrical Nerve Stimulation & neuropathy

Day 5: Continued custom session

This session includes:

  • Electrical Nerve Stimulation & Neurotherapy
  • Video Oculography & Laser Saccadometry therapy
  • Posturopgraphy & Receptor based therapy
  • Electrical Nerve Stimulation & neuropathy

This is followed by consolidation and a detailed report of before and after data so you can measure your progress.

We conclude with an exit interview with your functional neurologists where you’ll walk away with a series of exercises that will help you make new breakthroughs and gains outside the clinic.

Our attention and commitment to helping you maximize and consolidate the huge performance gains you make doesn’t end there.

You’ll continue to reach peak states of mental agility as you attend monthly virtual check ins with our team of neurological experts and a 2 day  intensive follow up after 6 months.

WARNING: The Neuro Performance Academy Is NOT for everyone

Registration is being restricted to a select group of candidates and the reason we are doing this is two fold.

First, this program is normally reserved for elite athletes.

Our hallways are lined with thank you jerseys from current stars in the NHL, UFC, the Olympic Women’s hockey team and Olympic athletes from around the world.

That’s why we’re looking to replicate the same level of success for a select few executives and entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger impact on the world around them.

Each program is highly customized and specific to your unique brain profile and starts with a deep-dive analysis into your neurological system.

This battery of tests takes into consideration past injuries, medical conditions, sports you may have played, and seemingly harmless habitual routines that may have left your brain performing at a sub-optimal level…

You’ll be supported and challenged by a multidisciplinary team of neurological experts- mentored and trained by world’s foremost functional neurologist and pioneer, Dr. Ted Carrick- and the Carrick Institute...

… a team whose sole purpose is to help you harness the power of neuroplasticity and rewire your brain for peak levels of performance.

There really is only ONE facility like this in the world capable of helping you achieve your personal best in every domain of your life.

But that’s not the only reason space will be EXTREMELY limited to a select few applicants.

The other reason is our gifted and highly sought after team of functional neurologists has developed a relentless obsession with excellence.

A passion for ensuring YOU achieve massive breakthroughs - both during and after your on-site training.

That’s why the Neuro Performance Academy includes a 5 day onsite intensive, monthly virtual check ins and a 6 month 2 day onsite follow up.

Naturally, this requires a significant dedication of time and resources on our behalf.

That’s the reason why we can only give our attention to a select group of qualified applicants, and why this program is appropriately priced.

So, the only question you need to answer right now is this: Do you want in?

If your answer is YES, I urge you to go ahead and click the button below to apply for this exclusive opportunity.

Why YOU Need To Look INSIDE To Enjoy Breakthrough Performances In Business & Life


Just like a radio, the more dialed in you are to how your brain actually works...

... the easier you’ll find it to stretch beyond your previously self-imposed limits

... and the more consistently you’ll close the deal, set new records and reach new heights in every facet of your life.

There’s only 1 place in the world where you can fully tap into the power of your brain and amplify your impact, normally in 5 days or less.

That’s why you must apply to qualify for the Neuroperformance Academy

“2 Quotes from satisfied clients… variations on “I wish I would have had access to this lab years ago” “Now I’m taking an enormous leap forward”


As soon as you are approved and booked to attend the Neuro Performance Academy you will also get access to some extraordinary bonus content….

BONUS 1: ACCESS to the digital course: Essentials of Elite Performance by Z-Health Performance Solutions

To consistently perform at the same peak levels our graduates now consider their “new normal”... you need a rich understanding of how neuroplasticity works.  

This online digital workshop will help you quickly grasp the fundamentals so you can amplify and accelerate the gains you make at the Neuro Performance Academy.

It’s yours FREE once you qualify and book your spot now:

Bonus 2:  FREE pass to attend Essentials of Elite Performance course by Z-Health Performance Solutions in the US or Europe

Sign up and book today and you’ll access this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from experts on the cutting edge of elite performance. 

Join other elite performers where you will discover breakthrough strategies, habits and neuro boosting regimens that you need to earn the ultimate advantage over your competition.


Bonus 3: 2 FREE passes to the International Symposium of Clinical Neuroscience.

Imagine getting the chance to eavesdrop on  world renowned experts in Neuroscience, elite performance and other disciplines as they spill their secrets on maximizing human performance.  

Qualify for and book your seat in the Neuro Performance Academy now and you’ll have the unique opportunity to walk away with “do this, now do that” performance boosting moves the public will not get access to for months or even years.  

This annual event is put on by the Carrick Institute and hosted by Neurological Pioneer Dr. Ted Carrick. You’ll attend FREE if you qualify and book your seat today.

Bonus 4: Professional Video Commercial of Your Experience.

Our professional video team will capture the peak moments of your experience at the Neuro Performance Academy in a highly polished 1-3 minute commercial.  

You’ll walk away with documentation of your personal transformation that you can show to friends and family who are curious about your experience.

You’ll also continue to make new breakthroughs and gains as your follow along in real time with the step by step exercises your functional neurologists prescribed.   

All four bonuses can be YOURS starting today, but only if you qualify and book your spot for the Neuro Performance Academy within the next 72 hours.

After that, this unique opportunity to rub shoulders with giants in the world of neuroscience, may not be available ... Space is extremely limited!